Your Secret Weapon-Eyeliner

The most dangerous game: getting your eyeliner even. May every god/goddess that ever was or will be have mercy on your soul.

Using eyeliner can be a high risk/high reward situation. On the one hand when you get it right, it has a major impact on your eye makeup and you feel like a superhero. On the other hand, getting it wrong can lead to disaster: time trying to even it out, time silently crying in your mirror, and the eventual removal of all your eye makeup and starting over. All that being said, I do love me some good eyeliner. I don’t have any personal tutorials to share, but the women of Pixiwoo (two delightful British makeup artists) have some easy to follow tutorials. 

Here is their basic gel eyeliner video.
Here is a video for how to do a winged eyeliner for hooded eyelids.


I want to talk about my all-time favorite eyeliner. I will say that this is another name brand beauty product, which it can be a little pricey. This has genuinely been the best eyeliner I’ve ever owned. It has lasted well over a year and I still have a quarter of the tube left.  

The eyeliner is called Tarteist Clay Paint Eye Liner in Triple Black by Tarte. It costs $24 and comes with an incredibly well made brush.  Why do I like this eyeliner so much? Why am I recommending you spend $24 on something that can be found in a drugstore for less than $10? Both are excellent questions.

 I love this eyeliner for a multitude of reasons: 

  1. The Triple Black color goes on incredibly pigmented. Sometimes drugstore eyeliners leave me questioning if I bought a dark grey or navy eyeliner, when it is supposed to be black. That has never once happened with the Clay Paint Eye liner. 
  2. It lasts all day, whether I put on primer or not this eyeliner stays put until I’m ready to take it off. Other eyeliners I’ve had either disappear into the oily canvas that is my eyelid. Or they end up smeared under my eyes, which gives me a look vaguely reminiscent of a raccoon. 
  3. Once you get the hang of using the brush, it is easy to apply. With a little practice, you can get some awesome looks pretty quickly and without too much fuss. 
  4. It’s incredibly versatile. You can tight line your lid with it (getting really close to your waterline with your liner), create a winged cat eye look, and create cool designs if that’s your thing. Whatever you want on your lid you can have it with this eyeliner.
  5. It lasts a really long time. Like I said I’ve had mine for about a year and a half. I still have a quarter of the tube left and it is still as smooth and creamy as day on (even after using it almost daily ). 

5 out of 5 stars

*pro-tip- do a dry run with the brush one or two times before debuting it to the world. It’s a different application than most other eyeliners out there, so give yourself a couple times to adjust. 

To me all of these reasons justify the price tag. If you’re looking to make an impact or for something a little more subtle, this liner does it all. 


Have you tried this eyeliner before? Do you have another eyeliner you are obsessed with?