Podcasts: Part 2

If you haven’t checked out my first post about podcasts I recommend you check it out now. Podcasts are one of my favorite ways to pass time. Whenever I have some mindless task like cleaning the house or data entry it keeps my mind busy.  They can also be a great tool to learn new information and have a deep dive into certain topics. It seems as if I have a never ending list of podcasts that I would recommend to people. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve broken my no phone rule on dates to open my favorite podcast player app (Overcast) and list off all of my favorites :).

In no particular order here are my next 5 recommendations for podcasts to check out:

Spontaneanation- It is no mystery that I love Paul F. Tompkins. This podcast, without fail always makes me laugh. The top of the show is a random rant by PFT, which to be fair is not everyone’s cup of tea. I really enjoy it because I think we have the same sense of humor, but you can always fast forward through that part. Then there is a free form interview with a special guest interviewed by PFT (He is one of my favorite interviewers ever). They round out the show with one continuous improve story with PFT and three other improve comedians, with a location provided by the special guest.  This is just an all-around fun podcast and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good improv podcast. This podcast is released once a week on Mondays.

The Rachel Maddow Show- This is an audio recording of the actual show on MSNBC, but if you don’t have cable it is a good way to stay informed. I don’t like watching the news I find it to be incredibly depressing and sensationalist. I usually read New York Times articles, but sometimes when life gets busy it is hard to keep up and I end up drowning in articles. I decided in the new political climate that it is my civic duty to stay up to date on the latest information. I like the way Rachel presents topics clearly and concisely while giving some historical context for the events. She asks tough questions of both sides. It definitely has a liberal slant, but she does present all the information in the most truthful way she can, which is something I appreciate. They release a new episode every day and it’s about 45 minutes long. For me this has been an easy way to keep up with the never ending onslaught of horrifying events happening in America.

Judge John Hodgman- This podcast is about a fake internet judge settling disputes for people. John Hodgman is another hilarious comedian/writer/actor/all around entertainer. The disputes are usually trivial, but he makes them hilarious. He has no problem calling the litigants dumb, which I appreciate. The judge also has a way of bringing out the best in people, and doesn’t let people buzz market big brand names on the show. Opting instead for local shops and products from wherever the litigants are from. It is pretty silly, but definitely deserves a spot on your podcast playlist. It is released weekly on Thursdays.

Ask Me Another-  Ophira Eisenberg hosts this hilarious quiz show put on by NPR. She has on some amazing guests like Leslie Odom Jr (the original Aaron Burr in Hamilton) and Tim Gunn. They have pun related quizzes about mostly pop culture things. They always have a song quiz, where the resident musician Jonathan Colton plays along to music they have changed the words to create a fun puzzle. I always enjoy listening to Ask Me Another because I can usually answer the questions which makes me feel very smart :).  Ask Me Another is another weekly podcast that comes out on Fridays.

TED Radio Hour- This is an NPR produced podcast based on the wildly phenomenal TED Talks. Full disclosure I usually pick and choose the ones that sound the most interesting to me. They have a very wide range of topics and I always learn something new. If you are looking to expand your horizons and gain a deeper understanding of your favorite topics, I highly recommend this podcast.

I have also found that podcasts have some of the best interviews. I mean President Barack Obama even did a podcast interview. If you have a favorite entertainer, you should do a quick google search to see if they have been interviewed on any podcasts. It is a fun way to learn more about your favorite entertainers and possible even find another favorite podcasts. I always try to listen to any interviews the PFT and Lin Manuel Miranda do.

I hope you enjoy these podcasts as much as I do, and please share your favorites in the comments below!