5 Fandom Fridays: Fictional Spouses I'd Totally Marry

This 5 fandom Friday brought to you by The Nerdy Girlie, is all about the fictional husbands/wives that we would marry. I have a feeling this list will be hard to keep to 5. Okay I’m going to start daydreaming now…

1.) Ben Wyatt- Parks and Recreation


He is smart, kind, incredibly nerdy, and has a cute butt. Leslie and Ben have such a fantastic relationship. They have an incredible partnership, and they weather the hard and awkward parts of love with humor and grace. They support each others dreams and Ben was willing to give his up to help Leslie achieve her own, swoon. 

2.) Khal Drogo- Game of Thrones


Beneath his tough never been defeated (except for that one time he got a scratch and it killed him thing) macho attitude. Lies a man who loves his queen more than anything. He was willing to raise an army cross the sea and conquer a foreign land, if that isn’t true love I don’t know what is. 

3.) Jim Halpert- The Office

His sense of humor, his dorky looks, his never-ending love for his wife. Do I need to say more? 

4.) Luke Cage- Luke Cage/ Jessica Jones

Luke Cage is just a fantastic guy. He stands up for whats right. He believes in his community. He has unbreakable skin. When he talks about his wife, who unfortunately was killed you can tell how much he absolutely loved her. Reva helped him out after the whole incident in jail when he got his super powers, and then they fell in love. He cares so much and I would be happy to help him with the loss of his wife. 

5.) Ron Swanson- Parks and Recreation


Another Parks and Rec husband (honestly this list could be just parks and rec guys *cough* Andy Dwyer *cough*). Ron is a scotch drinking feminist who loves strong ladies, like… um… hello that is basically how i see myself. He sticks to his guns, challenges the people he loves in his life, and genuinely cares for and loves his wife. Everything you could possible want in a husband and partner.